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Old special history about Shirakane-syuzo

History and culture are my favorite and today I will introduce about most old shochu maker in Kagoshima (from 1869) and famous historical person from Kagoshima calls Takamori Saigo.

Takamori Saigo

About Saigo Takamori

Saigo Takamori is famous historical person born in Kagoshima and he is always in Japanese history textbooks.

In a word, Takamori Saigo was a person who led a coalition force of people who were thinking of overthrowing the shogunate in Edo and creating a new world, and played an active role.

In order to fight against the shogunate at that time, Takamori Saigo, the representative of Satsuma domain, and Takayoshi Kido, the representative of Choshu domain, stood hand in hand. Takamori Saigo was at the forefront of unifying the forces of the two major powers, Satsuma and Choshu, and chasing the resisting Shogunate forces.


Takamori Saigo

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The Seinan War was a revolt by the warrior class against the Meiji government in 1877 and was the last civil war in Japan.

The warrior class of Kagoshima …… In other words, the revolt of the warrior class of the Satsuma Domain caused the Seinan War, and the leader of the warrior class was Takamori Saigo.

Relationship between Takamori Saigo and Shochu

Takamori Saigo


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So what is intersting point about Saigo -Takamori with shochu !?!?!?!?

Saigo Takamori and Shirakane-syuzo .

Shirakane-syuzo where walked with the Meiji Restoration .


While poor, Kawada Wasuke saved money by peddling and started running Kawada Jozo (Kawada shochu maker) in 1869.


In 1877, Saigo Takamori visited Shirakane syuzo before the Seinan War to buy shochu needed to disinfect wounds and as a nutrient, and he bought all shochu from Shirakane syuzo.



The shochu that Takamori Saigo drank on the last night of his life was from Shirakane Shuzo, and even today, the Shirakane Shuzo Shochu is dedicated to Takamori Saigo’s birthday festival.


This time we could study about Japanese history which is related to shochu!

So Shirakane-syuzo shochu is important for us.

Their main brand shochu name is ‘Shirakane-no-tsuyu’.

This shochu is made by super cleaned sweet potato which thay say ‘Migaki-imo’(polished potato) so we do not feel bitterness or smell, and you can feel the pure sweetness and flavor of potatoes.

If you see it, please drink it while creating the history.


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