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Visited Tensei-syuzo shochu maker (Let’s go to shochu maker ver.3)

Happy new year mates! Are you enjoying shochu on 2020 ,too !?

Me ? Yes! Shochu gives me a energy !

This year Glocal BAR Vibes will start to sell our Private brand of shochu names ‘Poseidon’

And this time I will introduce Tensei-syuzo where is making nice shochu and our Private brand shochu, too!!

We visited Tensei-syuzo with my loyal customer.

Sometimes Glocal BAR Vibes took BAR customers (Foreign customers and Japanese customers) to Tensei-shuzo Because I love Tensei-syuzo’s interesting way of making shochu and customers wanted to watch that!

This salesman from Tensei-syuzo  is Mr.Takaya .   Born in 1986.

He studied Kagoshima University Graduate School of Agriculture ‘’・Shochu Production Course ‘’!!

He tryied to make so many types of shochu at laboratory .

He has big passion to shochu and enthusiast for shochu!

He came up with and implemented the idea of using  seawater to prepare alcohol.

He made Tensei-Hyakkei brand shochu below which is using seawater!!

Picture from Tensei-syuzo web page below



And Tensei-syuzo is

・since 1901 from Kagoshima

・company area ground are Shirasu Plateau more than 70m (under ground) , so this area water are really

filtered and ‘super soft water’

Their sweet potato material left will give to pork farmer so Tensei-syuzo will not waste sweet potato (normally

shochu maker pay the money to throw it)

Super sustanable shochu company!!

I love their mind , these days for customers sustanable thinking is really important!!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori


For our private brand shochu making

Tensei-syuzo and Glocal BAR Vibes choose ‘Hama-komachi’ kind of sweet potato.

And we grileed (normally sweet potato shochu sweet potato are steamed).

Of course we used seawater for making shochu !

That was our brand !! Strong power from seawater so we named ‘Poseidon ‘ !!

Vibes point.

Today  We will bottle our brand shochu maybe on this month and February we will start to sell our brand !

Please wait!

We will make homepage for Poseidon brand shochu! Comoing soon!!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori