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Let’s go to Shochu maker festival (in Kumamoto)

Hi Guys World wide is so heavy situation because of covid-19 but i hope from this year or the end of this year, we can travel all over the world .

So this time i want to introduce Kumamoto shochu maker festival. (Normally April – May)

Kumamoto shochu maker festival

This picture is from Sengetsu-syuzo home page below


Sengetsu-syuzo shochu maker

Sengetsu-syuzo is famous shochu maker in Kumamoto and their signature shochu is ‘Sengetsu’ 繊月 .

Sengetsu-syuzo is 球磨焼酎 Kuma-shochu maker in Kumamoto-Hitoyoshi.

And they kept their own shochu festival more than 30 years!!

Because of Heavy raining and covid-19 , these years they could not do festival but I hope this year 2022 they can do festival that is normally April – May.

What the big point for us is ‘Free shochu’ ! You can drink their so many kinds of shochu unlimited !!

But please do not think ‘free = Cheap’.

There is the point from this shochu maker.

The meaning is ‘thank you for drinking our shochu last year and because of producer , people ….every people we could serve shochu on this year ,too’!!    Great thanks from us (maker)!!!

What a amazing thinking ! I really loves their style !!

We can feel their hospitality by………………………………

Shochu maker stuff and families makes local food (Green tea leaf tempura : Hitoyoshi area is really famous for green tea leaf ) and serve so good price (around 1 $)

Schchu maker and their good relationship company people serves Yakitori!

11 Yakitori = about 5 $!!

Why this price??

This is not for their business , this is their Customer appreciation!

Also we can enjoy how to make shochu at their making place . Maker will tell you how to make shochu !

After understainging about their making way and drink……………………this is Happy time!!!!

We can drink premium shochu with Toji (Shochu making chef )!!

They do kind of Bingo game !

You can get rare shochu , Shochu rice , foods and shochu….etc……

I really love their festival , i took my BAR customers to there and they said ‘amazing , I can see that shochu maker coexist with the community.’ !!

Please come to shochu maker festival !! Let’s enjoy our local festival with local ppl! That is your ‘GLOCAL’!!

Vibes point


Covid-19 is really bad for ‘Local festival’. Because local festival customers are so many old local people , too.

So shochu maker and old people are worrying about covid-19 so that they can not do festival.

Local festival is kind of ‘local area culture and history’.

So We know covid-19 is so bad but hope this year on 2022 we can enjoy local shochu maker festival!!

If you love shochu , you can really touch our Japanese real local atmosphere !

Maker’s welcome kind mind!!!

Actually Sengetsu-syuzo festival , we can enjoy local hot spring next to shochu maker for free!!

So enjoy free shochu and local food then you can enjoy hot spring for free!!

Free are by shochu maker’s welcome and thanks mind!!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori