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Visited Arimura-syuzo shochu maker (Let’s go to shochu maker ver.5)

It is becoming hot summer season in Japan so sometimes I drink brown sugar shochu with ice .

I can feel brown sugar rich aroma and nice sweetness ! So this time I will introduce brown sugar shochu maker where I visited before!

About Arimura-syuzo shochu maker

It was founded as the Taiji Arimura Brewery in 1947 and acquired a brewing license in 1957.

Yoron Island is located in the southernmost part of the Amami archipelago, with a raised coral reef and a view of the main island of Okinawa from the south coast of the island surrounded by beautiful reefs.

Arimura syuzo is the only one shochu maker that produces Amami brown sugar shochu.

In April 2014, Arimura syuzo changed the name of our representative brand,  Yu-sen , to Shima-yu-sen under the slogan “Gift of the South Island. From Yoron Island.”.

This picture is from Arimura syuzo home page below


Shima – yu- sen which is their main brand brown sugar shochu is super soft taste .

Tap water (groundwater and hard water) from Yoron Island is used for the preparation water, and water made extremely soft by running tap water into a water softener is used for the split water.

It has a sweet taste like brown sugar and is refreshing and easy to drink by mixing the original sake with super soft water.

And normally their shima-yu-sen % is 20 % . They has 25% shochu but island people loves to drink 20% because they loves to drink with people and want to keep drink long time . So 20% is really gentle to body.

(I felt so)

They use cray pot for shochu making and before they made only white koji type shima-yu-sen shochu but these days they are also making black koji type shima-yu-sen ! It is more sweet and strong taste!

When I visited this shochu maker they used all made in Japan brown sugar .

Some of big shochu maker uses brown sugar which is from Bolivia or some another nationality one but it does not say ‘low or cheap quality’ i studied a lot . I love their shochu!

But I felt so many small shochu maker prefer to use made in Japan brown sugar for their making.

I love this style , too!

I visited local shochu maker in Yoron island after visiting maker . There are so many ‘Shochu keep bottle’ and normally that is normal lifestyle viewing for us but one thing which was amazing is ‘more than 90% Keep shochu bottle are Shima-yu-sen and their bottle size were 1,800ml size ’!!!

Normally Japanese keep shochu bottle standard size is 900ml or 720 ml . But I really felt ‘ Island people are strong drinker and also they love to drink their own island brand  ‘ !!

Local shochu are supported by local people , If you can visit island you can really understand this rule!!

Vibes point


Yoron island Shima-yu-sen is normally 20% because there is one intersting way to drink shima-yu-sen .

It is yoron island culture.

与論憲法 (Yoron kenpo)

Yoron Island has a custom called Yoron Kenpo to entertain visitors to Yoron Island.

In the ceremony of drinking brown sugar shochu in groups of people, first the parents pour brown sugar shochu into a large cup and drink it up. Next, the child drinks the shochu from the parent and returns the cup to the parent.

At this time, the child should not take the cup away from his hand. Also, take a few drops of brown sugar shochu in your palm and put it on your head.

This action means to return to the god (hair).

God 神 → Kami

Hair 髪 → kami       Hair and God come from the same pronunciation.

The parents pour kokuto shochu to the next child again, and it’s like ・・・, and after finishing it for the number of people in the place, the next parent comes out again, and they repeat the same thing, which is a big deal! It’s a ritual.

What is indispensable for this Yoron presentation is the 20 degree shima-yu-sen with a gentle taste.

与論献奉 Yoron-Kenpo youtube is bellow (how to )


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