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Last article , about ‘POSEIDON’

Vibes’ Original Brand Shochu “Poseidon ” will be on sale from June 4, 2022 at“ Shochu Ishinkan Only ” in Kagoshima City!

For those of you who knew, we apologize for the long wait.

Original Brand Shochu “Poseidon ”

Shochu Ishinkan do online sales ,too so if you are in Japan you can order!!

If you have some questions pls feel free to ask me anyway!

Glocal BAR Vibes


For the specifications and contents of Poseidon, please refer to the following URL as we have made the homepage and video in Japanese + English.



Poseidon English home page



English Movie abt Poseidon

Vibes point


Thanks for reading our ShochuTimes page .

Glocal BAR Vibes will close once at the end of June 2022 so we will stop to write article.

We guess after 5 years Glocal BAR Vibes will re-open at another area (not city).

We want to make cozy guest house where include ‘Glocal BAR Vibes’!

You can drink and sleep!!

Please wait and enjoy your shochu life!!!


Glocal BAR Vibes / Nori